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Help us find, fund, and fix humanity’s most challenging problems.

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Declaration of Inclusion

The Declaration of Inclusion (DOI) asserts as a matter of Natural Law, all people should be able to participate in a fully inclusive and transparent community that reflects their will.

The DOI Constitution


We shall always empower as many people as possible with opportunities to build wealth and live a more meaningful life.


We shall always operate in a way that allows the public to scrutinize our actions, intentions, and accounting at all times.


We shall always act in a way that is considered righteous, noble, and just.


We shall only provide funding to projects that DOIC token holders deem as viable solutions to meaningful problems.


We shall always use our resources in a manner that fosters the long term sustainability of The DOI Treasury and protects The DOI Coin as a long term store of wealth.


We shall only use our resources to support innovative projects to promote inclusion and opportunity without discrimination.


Planet Changing

We believe crypto can solve the world’s biggest problems by creating a transparently operated global community that focuses on impactful solutions.

For Everyone

Everyone in the world has a right to be a part of the community and vote on initiatives. This ensures everyone in the world can be heard.

Community Owned

The DOI will NOT be controlled by a few individuals.  Appointed leaders are voted into their temporary roles by the DOI community to combat corruption.

Coin Powered

Coin sales fund and power The Treasury and its initiatives. Projects are chosen for impact and sustainability, so DOIC can thriveafter all 20 Billion coins are sold.


20 Billion Coins, forever!  The Airdrop has closed and we are working hard to ensure DOIC is both impactful and sustainable at launch.  The official launch date is coming soon!



Contract Audit

The DOI Foundation

The DOI Foundation partners with other DAO’s to ensure the Web3 revolution is ethical and empowering for the world.

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An artist, NFT enthusiast, and graphics designer!  Chibuike is a proponent of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, (DeFi) and web3. The vision and mission of The DOI Coin allured him to join The DOI Foundation.